Centrespead (1981)

In 1981 Australia, the idea of the future that we live in today was one dominated by magazines. Those magazines would enforce the social order and the only violence and sex that anyone would see would be in those pages. So yeah, maybe they didn’t get the internet part down, but I guess some of this movie rings true. That said, if you’re expecting an Australian soft core movie to explain 2021, you’re drongo, mate.

Also, in the Australia of Centrespread, a movie that disappeared from theaters and most peoples’  memories until Umbrella re-released it, social castes are enforced and only by finding a new girl for the magazine will our protagonist keep moving up the social ladder. Yet when he meets and falls for Niki, he sees that life can mean something more. However, she gets an offer to be a big star.

Director Tony Paterson was an editor on Mad Max, FantasmFantasm Comes Again and Death Games before getting behind the camera for the only film he’d direct.

This movie feels like something great is happening within it. It really is the difference between art and exploitation, because if you told someone this was a French film that only played small festivals, people would lose their mind. Tell them it played double bills with Felicity in Australia and they think it’s garbage.

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