Fugitive Alien (1986)

EDITOR’S NOTE: R.D already covered this one, but I figured that because we’re doing a week of science fiction movies, why not watch it again?

Fugitive Alien is an example of how strange something is when it’s translated into one language, then translated back into its original language. It’s a Japanese TV series — Space Hero Star Wolf — that was based on an American series of science fiction novels by Edmond Hamilton — The Weapon from Beyond, The Closed Worlds and World of the Starwolves — that were then dubbed and sent back to America as two movies somehow summarizing multiple episodes into an amazingly condensed narrative.

There’s a Star Wolf warrior named Ken — who supposedly comes from the planet Valna Star but was born on Earth — who is attacking our planet at some point in the near future. He doesn’t fully believe in his mission and stops his best friend from killing a human. When his friend dies, he becomes a, well, fugitive alien and joins the crew of the Bacchus 3, which is made up of Dan, Billy, Rocky, Tammy and Captain Joe.

Tammy may be in love with Ken, but he already has a lover named Rita. It just so happens that the friend that he killed was Rita’s sister, so now she’s been ordered by Lord Halkon to avenge her brother’s death. She tries to murder him, but their love is too strong, so of course, she gets killed in moments after that revelation.

If you watch this and it makes no real sense to you, remember how this movie basically played the telephone game with itself. And then realize that one of the writers was Keiichi Abe, who also wrote Time of the Apes.

This movie appeared in the UHF era Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the Comedy Central episodes, too. You can watch the latter on Tubi.

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