Precious Victims (1993)

Paula and Robert Sims (Park Overall and Robby Benson) are in a bind. Their twelve-day-old baby has been kidnapped and they beg the public for help. Sadly, their daughter is soon found dead to great sympathy. But when the same thing happens three years later, well, that’s when the law — Sheriff Frank Yocom (Frank Forrest) and Agent Jimmy Bivens (Brion James) — get involved.

Originally airing on CBS on September 28, 1993, this was a ripped from the headlines movie based on the book by Charles Bosworth Jr. and Don W. Weber. It’s directed by Peter Levin, who also brought us A Killer Among UsDeadly NightshadeThe Royal Romance of Charles and Diana and plenty of episodic TV.

This has a really solid supporting cast with Richard Thomas, Eileen Brennan, Nancy Cartwright, Robyn Lively (top that, Teen Witch!) and Cliff DeYoung.

Robert Sims comes off as a maniac, forcing his wife and daughters to sleep in the basement because of their smell and continually growing angry because he can’t have sons. And he’s the innocent one!

Now that I spoiled this, you can watch it on YouTube.

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