LEE MAJORS WEEK: The Witnessing of Angels (2006)

When I looked through the bionic eye of my Steve Austin figure at four years old, never did I think four decades later that I would be listening to Lee Majors narrate the story of Erik Estrada surviving a motorcycle accident thanks to an angel.

How can it get any better? What if Patrick Macnee also came on board and told us about his experiences with the seraphim and cherubim?

David McKenzie, who directed this, used to use the name David L. Stanton to make action movies like Chill Factor, which has Paul Williams and — hey! — Patrick Macnee* in them. Or under his own name, TV documentaries and specials such as The International Magic AwardsThe Secret KGB Sex Files and for the last two years, the Emmy Awards.

So yeah. The Six Million Dollar Man, Ponch and John Steed talk about angels. So I watched that.

You can watch this on Tubi.

*He also made the made-for-TV movie Scrooge: A Christmas Carol with Macnee.

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