LEE MAJORS WEEK: The Brothers Solomon (2007)

Between being directed by Bob Odenkirk and written by Will Forte, who also stars, I had high hopes for this goofy comedy and they were definitely lived up to.

John (Will Arnett) and Dean Solomon (Forte) grew up in isolation as they were raised by their single father Ed (Lee Majors) at an Arctic research station. Now that they’re in the normal world, they have no idea how to interact with other people. Now that Ed is in a coma, the brothers decide that they can wake him by having a child, which proves to be nearly impossible.

I mean, it’s mostly a one-joke premise — the woman they pick to adopt a child from (Kristen Wiig) is having a baby with a black man (Chi McBride) — but I was in the right mood for a ridiculous comedy, much less one that had Majors in it.

One thought on “LEE MAJORS WEEK: The Brothers Solomon (2007)

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