LEE MAJORS WEEK: Almosting It (2016)

“A dissatisfied twentysomething seeks life and relationship advice from a retirement home playboy played by Lee Majors, with mixed results.”

I mean, when you put it that way, you know I’m going to watch your movie.

Writer, director and lead actor William von Tagen made this auteur project. It’s the story of Ralph, a nursing home worker who dreams of being a science fiction writer.

Beyond Majors, the film also features Annie Bulow, Jessica Sulikowski, Bailey Heesch, Cassandra Lewis, Jane Merrow (who played Irina Leonova, a Soviet officer and scientist who was a love interest for Steve Austin on three episodes of The Six Million Dollar Man), Jennifer Levy, Jake Koeppl and Terry Kaiser, who the normal world knows as Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s but you and I know as Dr. Wachtenstein from Tammy and the T-Rex and Count Spretzle from Mannequin Two: On the Move.

Really, Majors and Kaiser are the best things in this movie, but it does have some unexpected twists and it’s not the worst independent film I’ve seen about finding yourself in your late twenties.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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