Runaway Daughters (1956)

American-International Pictures ran this on a double bill with Shake, Rattle and Rock, supposedly basing the story on something that happened to writer Lou Rusoff when he worked as a social worker.

Audrey Barton (Marla English, Flesh and the Spur) has rich parents who are wilder than she is, hooking up with neighbors when she’s trying to come home from a date with Tommy (Frank Gorshin as a high school student!). Everyone in her life is wild. Her friend Mary (Mary Ellen Kay, Voodoo Woman) is dating a twenty-year-old. Angie’s (Gloria Castillo, Reform School Girl) mom is on her third husband. And the kids in school are taunting her over all of it.

I mean, if I were Audrey, I’d flip out too. The parents spike the punch at her party with gin. The parents!

Director Edward L. Cahn put out some crazy stuff in the 50’s. There’s this movie, sure, but also Creature with the Atom BrainZombies of Mora TauDrag Strip GirlThe Terror from Beyond SpaceThe Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake and more.

Joe Dante remade this in 1994 as part of Showtime’s Rebel Highway series, reuniting most of the cast of The Howling — Christopher Stone, Dee Wallace, Robert Picardo, Dick Miller and Belinda Balaski — and starring Julie Bowen, Paul Rudd and Jenny Lewis.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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