Drag Strip Girl (1957)

One of American-International Pictures first winners was this movie, released as a double feature with Rock All Night.  It has Fay Spain in the title role, in a story that would pretty much be recycled as Motorcycle Gang along with cast members John Ashley (this was his first movie) and Steve Terrell.

Ashley had never acted before but went with his girlfriend on her audition. He got a contract with AIP and she didn’t. He’s a total winner in this, the perfect jerk who doesn’t care that his love for speed keeps getting people killed.

Meanwhile, Spain’s Louise Blake character must choose between the rich Ashley — who impresses mom — and the resourceful mechanic Terrell — who dad likes. It doesn’t help when a game of chicken — which I think only happened in movies until impressionable youth watched AIP films — leads to more death.

One of the reviewers of the day claimed that this movie was, “a depressing and irresponsible film… glorifying the defiance of law and order, lax morals and the discardance of civilised behaviour.” When I read things like that, it’s hard not to contain my glee.

This is one of the many filmes Edward L. Cahn did for AIP. There’s nothing flashy, but he’s dependable and unafraid to be sensationalistic. You can also check out It! The Terror from Beyond SpaceShake, Rattle and Rock and Runaway Daughters, which is one of the best titles of all time.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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