Angel III: The Final Chapter (1988)

Tom DiSimone was back to make another Angel film, but for the third one in a row, we have a brand new Molly “Angel” Stewart. Mitzi Kapture, who was Sgt. Rita Lee Lance on Silk Stalkings takes over the lead and instead of being a lawyer, Angel is now a photographer.

While taking photos, she ends up taking a photo of her mother, the woman that left her fourteen years ago and sent her off to that world of the streets. The same thing is happening with her sister, so she heads out to Los Angeles just in time for her mom to explode. Now, Molly must become Angel again to rescue Michele (Tawny Ellis, Rockula).

Maud Adams, who played two different Bond girls (Andrea Anders in The Man With the Golden Gun and Octopussy, as well as a cameo in A View to a Kill) plays the madam who is keeping Angel’s sister in her white slavery porn empire.

After the first two Angel films, this is seriously a let-down. It’s not bad, but the whole idea of Angel’s street family was what made those films work for me. Sure, Dick Miller, Toni Basil, Ashlyn Gere and Julie Smith are in this, which I appreciate, but I’m left missing Susan Tyrrell.

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