It Lives Again (1978)

Frank Davis (John P. Ryan), the father of the child in the original It’s Alive, is trying to make up for his part in the life and death of his child by warning parents of the conspiracy to murder their mutant children. Parents like Eugene (Frederic Forrest, The Conversation) and Jody (Kathleen Lloyd, The Car), who are met at the hospital not by doctors and nurses, but by police officers. She’s rescued by Frank just before she goes into labor and delivers her child in a specially made vehicle.

The trouble is, even the calmest of people can spook these mutant children, who are nature’s most perfect apex predator. Now that there are three of these babies, things are even more intense than the first film.

Like always, Larry Cohen can take an idea that sounds ridiculous when read and make a movie that completely works. He’s honestly one of the directors I depend on most, because no matter the genre or budget, his movies are always something that entertains and makes you think.

Of course, there would have to be a third film in this series and, spoiler warning, I ended up enjoying it even more than this one.

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