PPS (1966)

Also known as The Secret SocietyP.P.S. (Prostitute Protective Society) is when the ladies of the oldest profession smarten up when organized crime — led by Carney Bill! — tries to get protection money out of them.

The girls refuse and as the result, several of them are stabbed, shot and hung before the thick accented Madam Sue got things moving in the other direction. They aren’t giving ten percent to any man, even if they have to sit around and sunbathe and discuss what they’re going to do. Seriously, with all the murder and mayhem in this, the ladies spend plenty of time lounging around and having long conversations about their friends dying.

Also, there are no actresses credited for this. Instead, it literally stars “Madam Sue and her Time Square Girls.”

I wouldn’t say that this is a good film but it’s 62 minutes, has lots of Times Square and Coney Island footage and ends with the big bad — spoiler warning — losing his little bad. So there’s that.

You can download this from the Internet Archive.

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