Hollywood Uncensored (1987)

With scenes from Party GirlBaby FaceI’m No AngelThe DentistPolly Tix In WashingtonLove Life of a GorllaKing KongSex MadnessThe OutlawGentlemen Prefer BlondesBus StopHigh School Confidential!The Girl Can’t Help ItPromises…..Promises!Baby DollBlood FeastPeeping TomEasy RiderCarnal KnowledgeSilent Night Deadly Night and more, this James Forsher-directed film starts with Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and then brings in Peter Fonda to discuss the history of censorship in Hollywood.

I was most excited to see Eli Wallach and Carroll Baker appear to discuss Baby Doll, but there are also appearances by Sheree North, Mamie Van Doren, Hal Roach and Jane Russell. There’s also an awesome segment where Martin Scorsese talks about how Peeping Tom played art theaters and late night horror at the same time.

Sure, it’s dated and the movies may not be as shocking any more, but if you’re a film fan like me, this is essential. Before the internet, tracking down Hayes Code-era films — even clips, really — was impossible, so this viewing brought multiple smiles to my face. Who doesn’t love to see The Dentist and realize how upset people were made by it?

You can watch it on Tubi.

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