Hollywood Ghost Stories (1986)

Director James Forsher made the kind of junk I hunted down in the VCR era*, stuff like Ticket to Hollywood and this, a movie that has John Carradine two years before he would become a ghost himself, introducing a mix of celebrities telling stories about being haunted — Elke Sommer, Susan Strasberg, Frank De Felitta (talking about The Stately Ghosts of England, no less) — mixed with clips of movies like The Terror, a long segment from the still at the time public domain It’s A Wonderful LifeNight of the Living DeadTopper ReturnsAndy Warhol’s DraculaPoltergeistThe Legend of Hell HouseThe Nesting, HarlequinWhite ZombieGhosts on the Loose and more.

If you love the kind of William Castle carny ridiculousness that once sold movies, William Peter Blatty is on hand to discuss all the hauntings he saw on the set of The Exorcist. But the best thing here is seeing actual footage of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle discussing Spiritualism.

You may not be as obsessed with Hollywood as me, but you may enjoy this. I know I watched back-to-back watched it with another Forsher doc, Hollywood Uncensored, which has even more celebrities discussing sleaze instead of spooky things. Either way, I’m in.

*This played on Cinemax too.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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