The Unknown Force (1977)

Dick Croy made four movies all about the unknown, including World Beyond DeathThe Miracle HealersAge of the Psychics and this film, which has Jack Palance as the voice that tells you all about the secret powers that karate fighters and healers all possess.

Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with 1978’s The Force Beyond, which found Willaim Sachs getting Emperor Rosko to say serious things over increasingly goofy happenings.

The sell copy for this claims that it’s all about “the fascinating story of the scientists who are developing the technology to measure these imperceptible energies and the exploration of an untapped energy force available to all of human kind which would revolutionize and improve the quality of life throughout the world.” You may detect the subtle hint of male cow feces throughout.

Nonetheless, they also claim that this movie has “stunning extrasensory evidence that can no longer be denied.” So who am I to be a naysayer?

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