Beginning Responsibility: Lunchroom Manners (1959)

In fifth grade, I had a teacher that showed us every movie that our school system had, no matter what it was about. Eventually, he ran out of films and would just show us home movies of his family while he slumped into his chair and drank whiskey from his thermos.

Imagine my surprise when the films he showed me started appearing on the Pee-Wee Herman Show when it aired on HBO!

A young boy named Phil learns from a puppet named Mr. Bungle — yes, that’s where the band got their name — that having the right table manners and acting properly in the lunchroom will get you ahead in life. Yet buried within this nine minute and thirty-two second film is the conformity that so many comedians and creatives would battle against.

Beyond the unable to pigeonhole band, I can point to Raw Footage, a 1977 Roberta Findlay adult film that named a character after Mr. Bungle. And as art also becomes one great flat circle, the band sampled that movie for the segment that plays between “The Girls of Porn” and “My Ass Is On Fire” on their first album.

Amazingly, a YouTube user named Andrew Patrick Ralston edited all the sex out of that movie so that you can just enjoy the amazing dialogue.

I have no idea who wrote or directed Beginning Responsibility: Lunchroom Manners, a movie that I have watched hundreds of times. All I know is that Ross L. Allen, Dr.P.H., the Director of Education for the College at Education at Cortland State University of New York, Division of Health, Physical Education and Recreation approved this. I can only imagine that Dr. Allen also had a thermos filled with booze and wasn’t shy about sleeping in front of his students either.

Just remember: “You shouldn’t run in the lunchroom. Only Mr. Bungle would do that.”

You can watch this on YouTube.

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