Things Are Tough All Over (1982)

The fourth of the Cheech and Chong movies, this opens with our heroes driving in the desert, not using drugs and talking about rock and roll. Turns out that they’re working at a car wash for the rich Mr. Slyman and Prince Habib (also Cheech and Chong), who then send the boys to Chicago on a rock and roll tour, driving the limo that we saw them in at the start of the movie. Unbeknownst to our high heroes is the fact that the car is packed with cash.

Somehow, everyone ends up lost and wandering in the desert and it all ends with Cheech and Chong as porn stars. There’s also a lot of peyote.

This movie came as the mainstream began to accept Cheech and Chong, with the National Association of Theatre Owners naming them the Comedy Team of the Decade. You can see the plan was to make this film have less drug humor, with Chong saying, “Cheech & Chong and dope are redundant. It’s a challenge to see if we can do it. I know we can.”

As always, this movie is packed with people, like Rufus drummer Richard “Moon” Calhoun, Dave Coulier, Evelyn Guerrero (as Donna again), John Paragon, George Wallace, Ruby Wax, Rip Taylor,  Lance Kinsey (Proctor from the Police Academy films) and Dorothy Neumann (Private Parts).

Unlike the past films, this was not directed by Tommy Chong. Instead, Thomas K. Avildsen , who had edited the past three films, would make this the first and only movie that we would helm.

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