Still Smokin (1983)

As Cheech and Chong would make their fifth movie in five years, they went back to the routines that had made them stars on their old comedy albums, with a story that they were in Amsterdam for a Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton festival, with the promoters believing that Cheech is Burt.

After a series of skits, including a parody of The Harder They Come, the last twenty minutes of this movie is concert footage from Cheech and Chong’s show at the Tuschinski Theatre.

Susan Hahn, who played the hotel maid in this, was only in one other movieMassacre in Dinosaur Valley, which is a very strange film trajectory. You can also look out for cameos from Kay Parker (yes, from Taboo), Linnea Quigley (her second Cheech and Chong appearance) and Victoria Wells (in her third Cheech and Chong appearance; she’s the woman who discovered the body of Bob Crane).

I can be honest and say that this is not the team’s finest work, but as films made to fulfill a contract or get a free trip to Amsterdam go, it’s not the worst.

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