Shifter (2020)

When Theresa Chaney (Nicole Fancher, Unchained Love), a socially awkward woman, emerges from a time travel experiment, she soon learns that she is shifting through the timestream out of control. She tries to keep this malady a secret, but as she keeps shifting more and more, she has less control. Even worse, even her entire existence begins to unravel.

Shifter is written and directed by Jacob Leighton Burns, who has dreamed of making films since the third grade.

While this film does not have a huge budget, it does have plenty of ideas, as well as a non-heterosexual romance at its core without coming off like that was an idea just to get press. It all feels very natural, as natural as a movie about a woman dealing with grief misusing the ability to travel through time can be.

The final shots of this film are harrowing and bleak. It’s rare to be able to generate that type of emotion and this movie pulls that off with aplomb.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime. You can learn more on the official website and Facebook pages.

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