Herencia Diabólica (1993)

Alfredo Salazar wrote some pretty great movies, like Las Mujeres PanterasThe Batwoman, the Aztec Mummy films and some Santo movies. He only directed ten movies, with this one being his last. And oh man, what a way to go out.

Tony (Roberto Guinar, who must have a thing for weird dolls, because he also directed the absolutely nightmarish Muerte Infernal) and his wife Annie (Holda Ramírez) have returned to Mexico due to Tony’s aunt dying and giving him her mansion. While he’s working, Annie finds plenty of black magic implements and a clown doll. He explains it like, “Yeah of course she did a lot of witchcraft. No big deal.” And Annie is fine with it. So fine that they cerdo hormiguero and nine months later Tony’s a dad. Well…not before the clown kills his wife and his son Roy is safely born in the hospital.

Fast forward a few years and Roy (Alan Fernando) has become obsessed with the clown, whose name is Payasito. He then gets a new mommy — Tony’s secretary Doris (Lorena Herrera) — who soon realizes that the doll is evil and has to go.

There are long stretches of this movie where nothing happens. These are important because they will make you forget the little person named Margarito Esparza Nevare playing Payasito. He is absolutely terrifying every single moment that he appears in this movie, whether he’s stabbing someone, lynching the maid, assaulting someone and sometimes just standing there. He’s one of the most frightening visuals I have ever seen in any movie I’ve ever seen. Just imagine how bad that gets.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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