Giallo Week recap 3: Friday and Saturday

This is our final recap for Giallo Week! If you’re looking to watch some giallo for yourself, here are some places to go:

Giallo Realm: This YouTube page has a ton of giallo and krimini — many of the movies from this week appeared there — and is always updated.

Severin: They’ve released so many great giallo, like The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh and the Lenzi/Baker Box Set. You can see all of their giallo offerings right here.

Vinegar Syndrome: This company releases so many astounding VHS era favorites, but they’ve also released two Forgotten Gialli sets — see our updates for Volume 2 here — and are about to unleash a third.

Shudder: In December, Shudder had a giallo Christmas, adding so many classic films to their streaming service. Beyond just getting Joe Bob here, there are so many movies worth watching.

Diabolik DVD: If you’re looking for a giallo from anywhere in the world, this is where to go to get it.

Tubi: Tubi has most of the classics — lots of Argento — and some deep cuts too, all for free with ads.

Here are the movies we covered on the last two days of Giallo Week:


  • Scorpion With Two Tails: Sergio Martino returns to the form he helped popularize with a 1980’s TV movie turned theatrical release. We’re sharing two looks at this movie!
  • The Rain Killer: An American giallo with a surprising cinematographer.
  • Delitto D’autore: A giallo with pretensions to high class, as a wealthy countess has been warned of the deadly penalty if she gives away a valuable painting.
  • La Controfigura: After being murdered in a parking garage, a man on the edge of death reflects on the sins of his life.
  • La Polizia Brancola Nel Buio: With a title like The Police Are Blundering in the Dark, this one summarizes every giallo police force there is.


  • Profumo: This has nothing to do with the British sex scandal and may have been the scummiest giallo/erotic thrill I’ve seen…until one of the later films on this list.
  • Ciak Si Muore: A giallo that takes place on a movie set, the title of this film Clap, You’re Dead, refers to the “clapper” that filmmakers use.
  • Der RächerThe Avenger: A killer is slicing the heads off of his or her victims, then sending them right to Scotland Yard.
  • Mystère: Carole Bouquet is a high class call girl caught up in both a Eurospy and giallo film at the same exact time.
  • Sekkusu hantâ: Sei kariudoSex Hunter was inspired by Suspiria and is the film that I feel takes the title of scummiest giallo. (well, there’s also Giallo In Venice and Play Motel). Actually, it’s a pinky violence movie, but I felt compelled to include it.
  • The New York Ripper: Herbert P. Caine contributed another look at this rough Lucio Fulci film.

If you would like to request a film or write about it yourself, just reach out! We’ll be having another Giallo Week before the end of the year. You can see all of the giallo we’ve covered at Letterboxd.

Don’t forget — this Saturday at 8 PM EST, we’ll be watching Bog and The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh on the Drive-In Asylum Double Feature on this Groovy Doom Facebook page. If you’re readng this on Saturday, when it’s posting, go watch it now!

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