Ciak Si Muore (1974)

A giallo that takes place on a movie set, the title of this film (Clap, You’re Dead for those that speak English) refers to the “clapper” that stops a scene from being filmed. It’s directed by Mario Moroni, who also made Mallory Must Not Die!

Annabella Incontrera (Black Belly of the TarantulaThe Case of the Bloody IrisSo Sweet, So DeadCrimes of the Black Cat) stars as quiet actress Lucia, who is in a movie within the movie that sees a director battling with his writer and a yellow gloved killer murdering women every time they take their clothes off.

The director of said movie, Benner, has some of the best outfits a man has ever worn in a giallo. Seriously, the dude’s fashion sense is completely off the rails.

That said, this is more of a comedy giallo which unfortunately has a police chase that ruins any good will that the movie has built up with its funky soundtrack and frequent bursts of sleaze. The ending is pretty fun, with every character all wearing the same costumes and a punchup breaking out and all the misdirection.

It’s not great, but hey, it’s definitely a giallo you may have not seen before.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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