Giallo Week recap 2: Wednesday to Thursday

This is our second recap of Giallo Week. If you’re as big a fan of these movies as we are, please check out the Gialloholics Facebook group. There’s always great conversation there and fun people.

In the last 48 hours, we’ve watched the following:



  • Im Banne des UnheimlichenUnder the Spell of the Uncanny (or The Zombie Walks and The Hand of Power) is a great Edgar Wallace film with a memorable skull-faced villain.
  • La Pelle Sotto Gli ArtigliThe Skin Under the Claws is a science fiction zombie giallo with Gordon Mitchell in it. That sentence is pretty much why I watch movies.
  • Abuso di Potere: A great car chase, insurance fraud and a downer ending are all in this film.
  • Massacro: Another Lucio Fulci presents movie, this time directed by noted scumbag Andrea Bianchi, the maker of Burial Ground and Strip Nude for Your Killer.

Want to see more of the giallo films we’ve covered? Check our Letterboxd list.

Don’t forget — this Saturday at 8 PM EST, we’ll be watching Bog and The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh on the Drive-In Asylum Double Feature here.

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