Tomie vs. Tomie (2007)

The seventh Tomie film, this one is directed by Tomohiro Kubo and based on Junji Ito’s story The Gathering, which appeared in the third volume of the manga.

For some reason, someone thought that it would be a good idea to inject two kids with the blood of Tomie. This meant that they would grow up into two full Tomies, but flawed as they need the blood of pure Tomies to sustain themselves.

In case you’re wondering if this series has gone on too long…

So where does the male love come in? Well, there’s a factory worker who is pining over his dead girlfriend and can’t move on. Because of that, he won’t fall for the Tomies, who soon get angry about why he won’t fall for them and they begin to fight one another. You know, when two unkillable women go to war over a man showing no interest in either of them, it isn’t pretty.

So yeah, somehow Tomie has moved from being the cannibal queen of a snowy mountain to running a mannequin factory because, well, Japanese horror movies. And as she lurks in the shadows, you know that by the end of the film she’ll be set ablaze and probably eat her way through a man’s body. Both of these things happen, so if you’re a Tomie fan that has stuck around this long — this series is becoming my Japanese Amityville — then you kind of have to watch this. Right?

You can watch this on YouTube. The subtitles are beyond bad on this and are barely even intelligible, even renaming Tomie as “rich river.” Yeah, maybe they actually make this one better. Or funnier, at least.

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