Tomie: Revenge (2005)

Another Ataru Okiawa directed entry in the Tomie film series, this one is all about a young female doctor who hits a naked woman with her car one night. As she searches for the women through the woods, she finds an abandoned house filled with bodies and one unconscious girl. And oh yeah — the one she hit with her car just happened to have a mole under her eye.

This episode is based on Junji Ito’s manga Tomie Chapter 5:Revenge. In that story, a crew of hikers are looking for a missing man on a frozen mountain and, as often happens around frozen mountains, cannibalism ensues.

The same thing goes on here, except Tomie lives in a cabin with all her male servants, who she occasionally eats when she isn’t screaming stuff that sounds a lot like The Scum Manifesto.

I would advise not watching every Tomie movie in one week, but if you haven’t learned how strong my film-watching endurance is, you don’t know me.

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