Kimi Wa Zonbi Ni Koishiteru (2011)

With a title that translates as Bite Me If You Love Me, this is a movie for people who love zombies and understands that if you want purely bonkers genre cinema, go to Japan.

Naoyuki Tomomatsu, who also made Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, directed this, which tells the story of Hitomi (AV starlet Ai Haneda), a high school girl obsessed with zombies. When she finds an Italian book — where else would one learn how they undead walk — that can make the dead live, she hooks up with a geeky boy named Shota who everyone already calls Zombie. She knocks him off the roof, pours powder all over him and before you can say Romero, she’s aardvarking with one of the living dead.

There’s a great moment when the girls are all comparing boys and Hitomi shows everyone the maggot zombie from Fulci’s Zombi and talks about how hot he is.

Shota ends up becoming a celebrity, but as his body rots, so too does Hitomi’s love for him. She soon falls for a fat Japanese Jason Vorhees, turning this into a love triangle with deadly consequences.

This is cheap, scummy, gory and goofy. These are all adjectives that I love.

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