In the Shadows, Someone’s Watching (1993)

Also known as With Harmful Intent, this 1993 Richard Friedman (Doom AsylumPhantom of the Mall: Eric’s RevengeScared Stiff) made for TV movie has Rick Springfield and Joan Van Ark as parents headed for a divorce when a mystery man beats up their kid. Yes, if you’re the kind of person who says, “Kids never get hurt in movies,” then get ready for this movie, where kids are routinely abused throughout.

Based on the Judith Kelman novel, this giallo-esque film is all about a man — I’m not spoiling it for you — who was abused by the other kids and his mother, while only protected by his sister, but is now out to be the bully to the children of the ones who abused him. It also has an astounding scene where the witness to one of those killings is an elderly man who can’t speak due to a stroke and he keeps trying to tell everyone that they are in the presence of a murderer.

What a cast! Beyond the leads, you have Chris Noth, Daniel J. Travanti, Dey Young (who has been geeky yet loveable Kate Rambeau in Rock ‘n Roll High School as well as the snooty saleswoman in Pretty Woman) and Michael Patrick Carter as the child in danger. You may have seen him in Milk Money and as the kid in the Good Guys commercial in the original Child’s Play.

Man, once major networks stopped making movies like this, the world became a much less bright place.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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