Desperate for Love (1989)

Based on a true story? You know it. Alex Cutler (Brian Bloom, who would goon to write Call of Duty: Modern Warfare) and Cliff Petrie (Christian Slater, who would go on to skateboard, be a pirate DJ and blow up a high school) have been friends since, well, forever, but darn it if cheerleader Lily Becker (Tammy Lauren, Wishmaster) doesn’t get between them. Sadly for all these kids, Alex and Lily’s fathers have always hated one another, which leads to a breakup and a new relationship between Cliff and Lily that’s doomed to fail.

Ah man, sometimes I’m glad my teenage years are so many decades away.

This movie could be so much better, but it is afraid to wallow in trash. Look, Desperate for Love, you’re a made for TV movie about teenagers having sex and killing each other. Own it.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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