The Devil’s Heist (2020)

After being released from prison, Ted and his associates decide to rob Coven National Bank, later to find out that even more than a mob front, it’s really owned by Lucifer. Oh yeah — and all of the employees are witches who take the souls of the people who owe them money.

This is told through flashback from Ted, who is dead, as he deals with a young couple who mess everything up, as well as the devil (Mike Ferguson), who keeps having threeways and upsetting his wife Lilith. It’s kind of like a Satanic Pulp Fiction, I guess, with more of a silly sense of humor.

So yeah. The devil has a bank. He has marital problems. And he looks like a biker. So there’s a lot to come to grips with, I guess, but I feel like you can handle it.

You can learn more on the official Facebook page.

The Devil’s Heist is available on demand from Midnight Releasing.

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