House On Straw Hill (1976)

“Nothing, but nothing, is left to the imagination!” Yes, this section 1 Video Nasty* is also known as Trauma and Expose.  It’s all about Paul Martin (an incredibly young and dubbed Udo Kier) is a writer who has rented a home in the country to finish his latest book. Writer’s block hits him hard, as does a fight with his girlfriend Suzanne (Fiona Richmond, Eat the Rich). That’s when he hires a new secretary named Linda (Linda Hayden**, The Blood on Satan’s Claw). And that’s where everything goes to hell.

From their first meeting, where Linda is intimidated by several men who eventually assault her — and she also eventually shotgun blasts them — our protagonist is obsessed with her, despite her constantly resisting her advances. She replaces the housekeeper — who is soon murdered — and when Suzanne comes back, Linda seduces her, just in time for Paul to crash his car into a river and his ex-girlfriend to be killed in the shower.

Director James Kenelm Clarke also made two soft core films, Hardcore and Let’s Get Laid, which also star Richmond. They’re much less scummy than this one, which pretty much the definition of the word. The alternate title that we reviewed this under sets up this being a takeoff of Straw Dogs, but it’s closer to a straight-up sex movie — minus all the murder.

This was remade by Martin Kemp in 2010 as Stalker, with Hayden appearing as Mrs. Brown.

You can watch this on Tubi.

*It’s the only British-made film to appear on the original list of these prosecuted films.

**She claims that this is the only movie that she regrets making and the end film was not what she had made originally.

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