Murdercycle (1999)

Murdercycle, you have a great poster going for you and the absolutely insipid idea that aliens would come to Earth in the form of black leather wearing motorcycle riders, just like Galactica ’80, a show that only I am cursed to remember.

That’s when the military — along with a female doctor who can read minds — decides to head off to the desert to protect valuable alien intel that the Murdercycle wants back for its home planet.

So yeah. There are some conspiracy theories, some military cosplay and some Area 51 type shenanigans. It’s a very made for video rental kind of movie, so if you miss that era, this is here to reward you. It’s a small reward though, so be warned.

Director Thomas L. Callaway was the cinematographer for Action U.S.A.Slumber Party Massacre II, both Rage of Honor movies and something called Megachurch Murder that I feel like I have to seek out.

Credit for that awesome poster art goes to Charles Band, who was planning on using it from a movie called Battle Bikers. That artwork was never used, so it went to this movie.

Your ears aren’t playing tricks on you when it comes to the character names. They’re all Marvel Comics people, including Ditko, Wood, Adams, Coletta and Sinnott amongst others.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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