Moving Violation (1976)

You know how it goes. You’re a drifter (in this case, you’re played by Stephen McHattie) and you pick up a girl with some ice cream (who in this occasion is played by Kay Lenz, who was so great in HouseThe Initiation of Sarah and Stripped to Kill) when you see a cop kill a man. Now, you’re both on the run across the country, as he’s made you both the prime suspects in a crime that he committed.

Oh the seventies and your road pictures that can’t end well for the heroes…

A Roger and Julie Corman produced movie that destroys 26 cars and has a scene where the hero attacks a police station that was 100% reused for First Blood, this is the kind of movie that played drive-ins all over the place in our country’s bicentennial year. It’s one of the few theatrical movies — if not the only one — that Charles S. Dubin directed, as the majority of his long career was spent in TV.

It’s not the best car crash film we watched this week, but McHattie would go on to be in Pontypool and Kay Lenz skinny dips in it and sometimes, that’s all it takes.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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