The Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow (1959)

The follow-up to Hot Rod Gang, this American-International Pictures film was released as a double feature with Diary of a High School Bride, which like all AIP movies has an astounding title.

Much like the late era beach party films, this one is tired of the genre — AIP had so many car-related movies released in a short period — and pokes fun at its conventions.

The Hot Rod Gang gets kicked out of their clubhouse, so they move into an old deserted mansion. As part of the grand opening of their new place, they have a Halloween party where everyone shows up as their favorite monster, except a real monster sneaks in and starts dancing with the girls.

Tommy Ivo, who appears in this, was a legitimate drag racer and several of the cars were his. The real monster is Paul Blaisdell, who recycled two of his effects, which come from the films The Astounding She-Creature and Invasion of the Saucer Men. As for the ghost, it doesn’t show up until forty minutes into this movie.

Hey, kids, “alive to the jive” and watch it on You Tube. We found two songs from the film, “Tongue Tied” and “He’s My Guy,” on You Tube to enjoy, embedded below.

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