Grant (2020)

Executive produced by Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio, this film went perfectly with the election process this year, as it taught me about the 18th President of the United States, a man who overcame a troubled past and alcoholism to save our nation.

I love how this blends a shot movie, commentary by several experts and real images of the past to form the full picture of someone who I had only glanced at during history class.

Justin Salinger plays Grant and it’s through him we see the human side of the historical icon. I’d often heard him painted as an alcoholic whose time as President was marred by corruption, which is only part of the real story, which this six-hour mini-series (originally airing on History) sets right.

Having this all on one DVD set is such a great addition to my library. History continually finds ways to make what was once dry into exciting shows that actually teach me new things. If you’d like to learn more about what true leaders were once like, I recommend you pick up this new release from Lionsgate.

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