Playhouse (2020)

Jack Travis (William Holstead) is a horror writer working on his new play in an ancient castle that is starting to possess his teenage daughter Bee (Grace Courtney). You know how those old manors go — all the supernatural beings within the walls looking to ruin lives.

Written, produced and directed by Toby and Fionn Watts, this tells the tale of a young man who was walled inside said castle that has been able to kill from beyond. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, if you have writer’s block, do not go to a haunted castle, hotel or house in the hopes that it will lead to you writing the great American novel.

This movie switches main characters at some point, so don’t get used to the hero, the heroine or even the antagonist. That said, it sure looks pretty and has plenty of gothic atmosphere. So once you move from father and son to Jenny (Helen Mackay) and Callum (James Rottger), just try to stay with it.

This is available on all streaming networks from Devilworks.

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