Cup of Cheer (2020)

Whether you love or hate holiday movies, Cup of Cheer is for you. It’s the story of big city writer Mary, who heads back home to Snowy Heights to write an article about the town’s world famous Christmas cheer. If this is how every Hallmark movie begins, well, this certainly doesn’t end that way.

Directed by Jake Horowitz from a script by Andy Lewis, Mary runs into Chris, the owner of a hot cocoa shop called the Cup of Cheer. Well, not for long, as Chris’s ex-boyfriend plans on shutting down the shop on Christmas Eve. But Mary has a plan to rescue the store and the holiday and the town, as often happens in these movies.

Like I said, some people love these kinds of movies, so they’ll laugh at all of the jokes. And if they hate this genre, they’ll probably find just as much to laugh about. Also, I have no idea what goes into a cup of cheer, despite spending some time searching for recipes. I would guess that after seeing this that it involves hot cocoa. If you have any idea, let me know.

This is now streaming on demand. You can learn more on the official Facebook page.

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