Greatland (2020)

Set in an imaginary country which is said to be the birthplace of love and an endless source of fun, Greatland is all about the rebel teen Ulysses, who is attempting to save his childhood sweetheart as an election and a deadly virus wreak chaos and violence.

So you know, it’s ripped from the headlines, I guess.

There’s a pretty decent cast on hand with favorite of our site Eric Roberts, Nick Moran (Scabior from the Harry Potter films), former boxing champion of the world Shannon Briggs and horror star Bill Oberst Jr (The Devil’s Rejects).

It’s directed by Dana Ziyasheva, a former journalist and a UNESCO diplomat with 20 years of development work around the world. Her film Defenders of Lifeabout child-brides set in the indigenous Ngäbe tribe of Costa Rica helped bring about a national ban on under-age marriages.

This is a neon world of what happens after the virus, a world where people only care for themselves and their fun forced to come back to our reality. It goes past non-binary love the whole way to interspecies romance, too.

This isn’t for everyone, but is an interesting take on post-apocalyptic film.

It’s now availble on demand on Amazon.

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