Emily and the Magical Journey (2020)

There may be a portion of the audience for this site that says, “Thanks for all the recommendations of Joe D’Amato and Jess Franco movies, Sam, but tell me, is there something that you’ve seen that I can watch with my young children and not get protective services called on me?”

Yes, Emily and the Magical Journey is the answer, as it is Dove approved to be shown for audiences of all ages. See? It’s not all bodice-ripping and throat-slashing around here, even when it totally is.

Originally titled Faunutland and the Lost Magic, this is a movie about Emily, who has lost her father and wants to help her mother be happy again. She finds a magic chest that brings her into a new world of magic. While there, she must confront all of her fears to keep her new friends safe and get back home.

Directed by Marcus Ovnell, this has some gorgeous effects and cute creature design. It really is like a storybook come to life. Fans of stuff like The Neverending Story will enjoy this and it might end up running on a loop for your young kids.

Plus, if you’re a fan of DC Universe TV, Pennyworth’s Harriet Slater and Supergirl’s Tipper Seifert-Cleveland are in this.

Emily and the Magical Journey is available on demand and on DVD from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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