Rom Boys: 40 Years of Rad (2020)

Fifteen years in the making with archive material going back forty years, Rom Boys looks at one of the world’s most unique skateparks, which is one of the only ones in the world to have official historic protection. This films does more than introduce you to the people who used the park, but shows you the rich influence that Rom had on their lives.

With more than 30 interviews with architects, historians, entrepreneurs, street and graffiti artists, professional skaters and BMX riders as well as the old school locals who have been visiting the park since it opened, this is a first-time look at a very influential space.

However, when the park suffers a major tragedy during the middle of filming, this film shifts from how these skaters and riders all come together to try and save the park from closure.

There are some astounding shots of the park as well as rich footage of the past. If you have any interest in BMX, skating, graffiti or the influence of these activities on our culture, this is a must watch.

For more information, you can visit the official site and Facebook page. You can watch it on demand from 1091 Films, who were kind enough to send us a review copy.

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