SLASHER MONTH: Camp Twilight (2020)

Six students are about to fail right before graduation, but their teachers Ms. Blook (Felissa Rose, who also co-wrote this movie) and Mr. Warner offer them a weekend camping trip with no technology as the chance to get the credit they need to escape high school. Of course, that means also going to Camp Twilight, a place that has inspired so many urban legends.

Look — it’s 2020 and kids are still going to have sex in the woods. Then, they’re going to pay.

Originally known as Monster Lake, this Brandon Amelotte-directed movie is filled with plenty of names that will make genre fans happy. Beyond Rose, there’s also Dave Sheridan (Scary MovieThe Devil’s Rejects), Vernon Wells (Bennett from Commando!), Camille Keaton (I Spit On Your GraveWhat Have You Done to Solange?) and Linnea Quigley (take your pick of 80’s and 90’s direct to VHS movies) on hand to be in this film along with a cast of young actors who didn’t learn any of the slasher rules.

In case you wonder why I never went to summer camp, it’s because movies like this taught me I was much safer at home. It’s a fun film — Rose is clearly having a blast in her role — and while not the best slasher you’ve seen, it moves quickly and has a decent ending.

Camp Twilight is available on digital platforms on November 1st. We were sent a preview copy and that has no impact on our review.

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