SLASHER MONTH: Witchboard III: The Possession (1995)

Written by Jon Ezrine and the writer and director of the first two films, Kevin S. Tenney, this entry in the Witchboard films was directed by Peter Svatek (Bleeders). It’s all about Brian (David Nerman), a man who finds out his landlord (Cedric Smith, the voice of Professor X on the 90’s X-Men the Animated Series) is really a demon named Kral. How does a demon learn the ways of Canadian real estate, one wonders? The film never really gets into that, but these are the facts that I really want to learn.

Kral takes over Brian’s body — as demonic landlords are wont to do, basically subletting his soul, so yeah maybe demons are good at real estate — and decides that he’s going to knock up our protagonist’s wife Julie (Elizabeth Lambert).

There are some good KNB effects on display — a man gets attacked by his own butterfly collection — and it’s pretty much the Red Shoe Diaries if that Showtime show also had gore and demons, which sounds like a great idea for a movie if you ask me. This one is kind of like Wall Street with, you know, demons.

Speaking of sex, this movie remembers that it is angry that the second one didn’t get Ami Dolenz as nude as Tawny Kitaen and goes all in on the softcore aardvarking. It’s couples gore, I guess.

While this is the last Witchboard film, A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors and The Blob director Chuck Russell is planning on a remake, as of 2017. I’m all for that.

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