SLASHER MONTH: Witchboard 2: The Devils Doorway (1993)

Ami Dolenz — yes, the daughter of Mickey — takes over for Tawney Kitaen here as the Ouija-based mayhem continues. Writer/director Kevin Tenney is also back to tell the tale of Paige, who is becoming possessed through the board, discovering the spirit of the woman who once lived in her new apartment.

Who was Susan Sidney, the woman obsessing her heroine, keeping her locked inside to paint numerous images of her? An innocent? An exotic dancer prostituting herself? And what happened to her? Well, it’s a good thing Mickey dates a cop!

Tenney actually did research into progressive entrapment, where the spirits contacted by the Ouija board would slowly take over the lives of those who came in contact with them. While he didn’t believe in the veracity of the occult, he did say that the whole thing seemed creepy.

It was pretty cool seeing horror fan and SNL alumnus Laraine Newman show up in this.

This is the only Witchboard movie to not be packed with nudity. That’s because Dolenz had a no-nudity clause. However, Republic Pictures’ foreign sales department — yep, that old excuse that international markets need nudity — pressures Tenney into pushing for her to disrobe. The director and thinks this is why they tried to keep him out of the third movie in the series.

Hey — a dude gets killed by a boiler room. That’s worth your time, right?


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