2020 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 11: El Macho Bionico (1981)

DAY 11: ¿QUE ES UN MURO FRONTERIZO?: Watch anything from Mexico, Central or South America.

I may have watched a few Mexican movies this year, so many that I’ve created a Letterboxd list of around a hundred movies to prove it. So as part of the Scarecrow Challenge, I wanted to find something a bit out of the ordinary. And I was inspired by Princess Lea, who played the brutal Fiera in Intrépidos Punks and who was menaced by the coke-sniffing monster in El Violador Infernal.

Lea was born in Montreal and somehow ended up in Mexico via Miami. She became known as Majestad de las Vedettes, a queen of cabaret, for her acrobatic dance routines. If Russ Meyer made Mexican movies, this is who he would have made his star. Now, I’m trying to watch every movie that she’s in, which led me to this movie.

Esteben (sex symbol Andrés García, who was Miguel in Tintorera…Tiger Shark), and his assistant Moi (Roberto “Flaco” Guzmán) survive a plane crash, but his verga does not. He has to travel to the United States where they make him “mejor mas fuerte mas rapido” thanks to the bionic rebuilding of his member, taking him from pito to pitote.

Directed by Rodolfo De Anda, who is normally an actor, this was based on Mauricio Iglesias’ novel, El Amor Es una Farsa. In addition to gaining a cyborg weenis, our hero also gains super strength, but it’s not enough to get the ladies, even when he dresses up as Dracula or rips out of a shirt like he’s the 70’s The Incredible Hulk right in the middle of a scene that makes fun of The Exorcist.

Our hero falls for Isela Vega, who was in The Snake PeopleLas Sicodélicas, Madame DeathBring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia and Lovers of the Lord of the Night, a movie she wrote, produced and directed. Yet when women are literally parading for his attention in the middle of the street, giving up all that sex for love is difficult.

What’s amazing is that The Six Million Dollar Man parody came out three years after the show was already off the air. Perhaps it had a delay in hitting Mexico. That said, I can’t think of many other movies that have a cybernetically augmented candystick, a mechanical meat missile, a Terminator-like 21st digit, a biomech bed snake or a robotic rogering ramjet.

As for Princess Lea, she’s only in this for the briefest of moments. Now I have to hunt down Muñecas de Medianoche (which features several vedettes), René Cardona’s Burlesque and Las Fabulosas del Reventón (which also has Tongolele from Isle of the Snake People).

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