La Senora Muerte (1969)

If you’re anything like me, you were probably wondering when John Carradine would show up in the Mexican horror movies we’ve been sharing over the last few days. It seems like in the late 60’s, if you were making a movie that anything to do with suspense or monsters, Carradine would magically appear on your set. For the price of a carton of untipped Player’s and several bottles of Chivas Regal, he would be in your film no questions asked.

Carradine goes one better in this film by providing the introduction. Seriously, you don’t know how many drinks I would have poured out for this man.

How did he get to Mexico, you may ask? Carradine and Basil Rathbone had gone to Mexico Autopsia De Un Fantasma in 1968 and for some reason, Carradine would stay behind to make four more movies for Luis Enrique Vergara. He’d appear opposite Mil Mascaras in Pacto Diabolico and Enigma Muerte while showing up as the skinniest of Draculas in Las Vampiras before making this movie.

Marlene (Regina Torne, who went on to appear in many a telenovela) is a fashionista dealing with the loss of her husband and, just as suddenly, the loss of half of her face to a strange disease. She turns to mad scientist Dr. Favel (who else other than Carradine?), who has a simple solution: let’s kill some young women and harvest their blood. He also claims that he can bring her husband back to life with some more work on her part.

Known as Madame Death up here and as The Death Woman in the UK, this is the kind of movie where models die left and right while hunchbacks attempt to assault people and need to be reminded of their place with the cut of the whip. Also, a guillotine in a wax museum is put to good use.

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