La Noche del Ejecutor (1992)

Dr. Hugo Arranz (Paul Naschy!) celebrates his fiftieth anniversary with his wife and daughter before he finds himself cosplaying as Paul Kersey from Death Wish after they are both assaulted and killed while his tongue is cut from his mouth.

He survives. And he learns to work out. No, really.

Within minutes of running time, Hugo has emerged as a force of death, ready to wipe out everyone in his path. Despite this being shot in 1989, it didn’t get released until some time between 1992 and 1999. And to tell the truth, it may as well have been made in 1974.

This is one of the few times you’ll hear Naschy’s real voice in a film and the only time you’ll see him battle a final boss in an S&M mask. So there’s that, right? Right!

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