Bionic Boy (1977)

Oh man, this movie.

An Interpol agent and his entire family — minus their young son — are all killed. A wealthy industrialist who that agent once saved is in turn saved, made better, stronger and faster, then gets his revenge.

That boy, Sonny Lee, is now the Bionic Boy.

Bionic Boy takes place in the same universe as Cleopatra Wong and for that, I am forever grateful. They would even end up teaming up in 1979’s The Return of the Bionic Boy.

If this is your first foray into the cinema of the Phillipines, let me warn you. This kid is going to be put into more danger than ten showings of The Goonies put together. Also, he has no issues with killing every bad guy who comes his way, which seems pretty adult for a ten-year-old.

There is so much Moog synth in this and its punctuated by punches that sound like megaton explosions. I want every movie to be like this, to be perfetcly honest.

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