Soul Survivors (2001)

Get ready for a drunk driving PSA that lasts 84 minutes, as Cassie (Melissa Sagemiller) gets in an accident that kills her boyfriend Sean (Casey Affleck) after a night of clubbing in a potentially haunted bar and a misunderstanding with her ex-boyfriend Matt (Wes Bentley). Oh yeah, Eliza Dushku is in this as well.

It all ends up being a dream in which the evil Deathmask, a scarred up dancer and a girl named Raven try to keep her from coming back to the world of the living. Luke Wilson also is in this as a priest who tries to help.

Writer and director Stephen Carpenter was also behind the movies The Dorm That Dripped BloodThe KindredThe Power and the TV series Grimm. I’d watch the first one of those before this, which Affleck has mentioned as one of the worst films he’s been in. Or watch Sole Survivor instead, which is the same idea done much better.

In the wake of Scream and Final Destination, I can see why this movie was made. The fact that I found myself compelled to watch it — I blame the gimmick-filled DVD — is an issue that I’ll have to deal with, hopefully with the help of dancing ghosts, a booming soundtrack with the Deftones on it and a kindly clergyman.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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