Vengeance Is a Dish Best Served Cold (1971)

Pasquale Squitieri may have started in the Italian Westerns, but he eventually moved into crime dramas and working often with Franco Nero. Probably his best-known films are l prefetto di ferro and Corleone.

This movie stars Leonard Mann, who was often cast because he resembled Nero. He’s also in The HumanoidNight SchoolWeapons of Death and Death Steps in the Dark.

He’s up against two absolute maniacs — Ivan Rassimov and Klaus Kinski, making this instantly a movie that I screamed in glee at the screen at every time this twosome appeared.

Bridger has blamed Native Americans for his father’s death, but once he saves a young girl named Tune (Elizabeth Eversfield, who only has this movie on her IMDB page), he starts to learn that perhaps he was wrong to feel such hate.

This movie is also known as Death’s DealerVengeance Trail and — perhaps ones of the best titles ever — Three Amens for Satan.

You can watch this on Amazon Prime.

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