Two Heads Creek (2019)

A  butcher and his twin sister have gone to Australia to find their birth mother, but what they end up finding is a small town that has a carnivorous — and yes, cannibalistic — secret. Two Heads Creek lets you know that it’s a quality, fun romp right from the beginning with great credits and well-done camerawork. This is no basic straight to streaming time waster.

I’d never heard the Skyhooks song “Horror Movie” before, but this 1975 Australian song is featured throughout the movie and really sets the tone.

The end of this movie has more spraying blood and gore than the last four or five movies I’ve seen put together, as an Australia Day celebration goes the way of Two Thousand Maniacs.

You can grab this release — from the Horror Collective — on all streaming platforms. If you want to learn more, visit the official site.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent this movie to review, but that has no impact on what we think of it.

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