The People Across The Lake (1988)

To get away from the city and all its crime — dudes are peeping in on Rhoda while she’s trying to pee! — Chuck Yoman (Gerald McRaney), his wife Rachel (Valerie Harper) and their family move to redneck country where he’s going to make windsurfing boards. Yes, this is the plot. Yes, I watched it.

Everything seems great, you know, until Chuck goes swimming and ends up with a clammy dead body hugging him.

Tammy Lauren from Wishmaster is on hand, as is Dorothy Lyman (Naomi from Mama’s Family). But really, Major Dad in a wetsuit. That’s why you want to watch this movie, which honestly moves at a snail’s pace. And Valerie Harper looks decades older than him, so I made jokes the entire movie to alleviate the ennui.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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