Pterodactyl (2005)

Let me sum up why you should watch this movie: Coolio has a machine gun and he’s shooting down flying prehistoric creatures. If that doesn’t win you over, well, I don’t know what to say.

Made for the Sy Fy channel, this movie has it all and by all, when I say that it’s a Mark Lester movie, you’ll understand. While it has a singular title, trust me that there is more than one pterodactyl in this movie. There are also teenagers who are camping in Turkey that discover a giant mound of pteropoop, which is when I would have left to go home.

Coolio plays the anti-terrorist squad leader Captain Bergen, who protects the kids from Russians when he’s not battling 2005’s best CGI that I could make on my iPhone today. He even says, “the music’s coming down and guess what I’m your DJ”, before giving his life for the kids. I regret that Coolio has one life to give to this movie.

Of course, another dinosaur soon emerges after all is well, but Lester is nothing if not ready to sell a sequel. There’s also the neat trick of having nearly everyone in the movie named for famous science fiction authors, such as Bradbury, Burroughs, Clarke, Donaldson, Heinlein, Herbert, Lem, Lovecraft, Serling, Yolen and Zelazny.

If you have nothing to do, by all means, watch this on YouTube.

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